Lies and slippery slopes

When full-fat, artery clogging lying comes across as the virtuous finger raised against the entitled establishment, it hoodwinks those who are looking for refuge in authority.

Tripping over vintage Trump

In his first press conference since winning the US presidential election, Trump was like the bull being goaded in the ring that tossed aside the matadors’ best efforts. His most savvy appointees will soon learn how to dodge a goring by waving their capes of self-interest with varying degrees of success, depending on what corrida they think is worth winning. Objective reporters should adjust their own methods in order to hold the new “Unpresident” to account.

Yes, Donald Trump, This Is Brexit

Both losing sides feel betrayed not just by an outcome they do not understand, but by a demeaning and disheartening ethical descent that has left them questioning whether their lives, relationships to their communities and love of their country has been an illusion.


Brexit is a state of mind

The effort to find a positive outcome to Brexit may make and break careers and continue to divide a nation for the next two, five or ten years, but the political fight to remain will not match the emotional instinct to leave. For the majority of the English, at least, being a member of the European Union is just not in them.

No Moore, no problem: Why the Democrats barely dinted the Republican Party in Alabama

Alabama’s Democratic victory for Senator Doug Jones over Republican incumbent Roy Moore was an astonishing moment for a historically Republican-voting state. But a protest vote in the name of decency will not be enough to defeat the Republicans nationally.

The Brexit Catch-22

So long as the EU will not allow Brexit to be the template for further exits by its remaining 27 members, the success of the negotiations will depend on who blinks first. The tug and pull of these opposing teams has turned war-like...

A psychological case for Britain’s third party

Voting Lib-Dem on June 8 will serve for many as a last ditch attempt to hold on to some semblance of personal integrity as they step into the polling booth.

After Brexit the Chilcot inquiry

The flawed intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq parallels the flawed information that was dished out to the British electorate during the EU referendum campaign, from the entire length of the Boris bus that claimed EU membership cost £350m per week to the fiction that Turkey, on the verge of EU membership, would send its citizens pouring into Britain’s borders.




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